A while ago I stumbled upon an amazing tan solution while doing the shopping that fascinated me so much and I just had to look for the details of the company behind it. I am a Liverpool resident and to my delight, I just found out that the company is based just around the corner from me. I decided to do a detailed review of the company to help others who might be looking for a perfect spray tan company.

About Suzanne’s Beauty Room

Suzanne’s Beauty Room is a spray tan company that is based in Liverpool UK. It has become very popular due to its super spray tan products. They have specialized in producing tanning products that last longer, perform better and that give your skin a stunning appearance like never before.

a bottle of spray tan solution

I am a huge fan of spray tans and I have used so many brands of tanning solutions over the years but Suzanne’s Beauty Room products have been my favourite. Ever since I started using the products, they have always given me amazing results. Everybody keeps commenting about my lovely tan.

The products have varying levels of DHA strength that are meant for every type of skin. Whether you have a fair or a pale skin, you will find a specific product that will match perfectly with your skin. They just look so natural on you and are evenly sprayed to every part of the body.

One of the things that annoy me about tanning solutions is that most of them fade after only a short time. But, Suzanne’s Beauty Room products have proven to remain intact on my skin for a long time without wearing out. It has saved me a small fortune as I no longer need weekly spray tans.

a male that have had a spray tan

The sweet smells of these products is another thing that made me fall in love with them immediately. The fragrances are just outstanding and have different scents that will definitely make you like them. As you may already know some spray tan solutions really smell bad. This is not the case with this brand.

Undoubtedly, Suzanne’s Beauty Room is among the best spray tan companies that offer quality products. For anyone looking for a perfect spray tanning solution, I highly recommend their products. I have personally used them for a long time and they have always produced outstanding results.

I am sure that this is the best spray tan in Liverpool because I have used practically all of the others. You can book this company with the utmost confidence.

Lead is a relatively cheap material, and it’s the reason why it’s a common manufacturing material. Lead can be found almost anywhere, from your car to the aeroplanes flying above. Decades ago, scientific research and testing showed that lead is harmful to humans. Unfortunately, there were already a lot of lead-containing water pipes that have been laid down. It’s critical that you know the dangers of lead in the water pipes and that’s what this article is all about.Lead in Drinking Water Is There a Safe Level of Lead in the Drinking Water?

It’s the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine the safe levels of lead in the drinking water. To this day, the EPA only knows how dangerous lead is when it contaminates the drinking water. The exact lead levels in which it’s safe for human consumption is still not accurately determined. Partly, this is because lead affects the body in a variety of ways and at different rates. For example, the lead will have a significant impact on children when compared to adults. Hence, the EPA is staying on the safe side and declared that ZERO lead contamination is the minimum for Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLGs).

How Will Lead Effect the Human Body?

According to EPA research, it’s the foetuses, infants, and children that are highly vulnerable to lead because it only takes lower doses to produce adverse behavioural and physical effects.

Children exposed to lead may result in:

* Anaemia
* Slowed Growth
* Hearing Problems
* Learning and Behavioural Problems
* Hyperactivity
* Lower IQ

In rare cases, lead toxicity in children may even result in coma, seizures, and death.

Pregnant women exposed to lead may result in:

* Premature Birth
* Decreased Foetus Growth

Adult exposed to lead may result to:

* Reproductive problems (affects both male and female)
* Cardiovascular problems (e.g. increased blood pressure)
* Decreased kidney function

What You Can Do About It

There are a couple of ways you can do to reduce the risk of lead contamination in your drinking water. For example, you can flush the pipes before you fill your glass with drinking water. The more time the water gets to sit on the pipes, the more contaminated it will be.

You can also limit the usage of cold water for food preparation and drinking. Hot water will always have more lead contaminants compared to cold water. Also, boiling the water won’t remove the lead contaminants. However, if you are really serious about eliminating the dangers of lead contamination, then your best option is to have your pipes tested.Lead Contamination

Best Option

Hiring a professional to have your pipes tested is your best defence against lead contamination. Professionals will have the proper experience and tools to accurately determine if your water pipes don’t have lead and there’s no lead contamination in your drinking water.

Most people tend to shy away from such services because of the cost, and this is backward thinking. Yes, a profession lead water pipe testing will cost money, but if you compare to that to the cost of remedying the adverse health effects of lead contamination, then it’s clear to see that you are saving yourself from an enormous financial burden. And we are only talking about the things that you can fix.

How, about if the lead causes psychological, mental and behavioural problems to your kids? You can’t put a price on that. Hence, be on the smart side and have your pipes tested for lead contamination. Even the EPA is not taking any chances, and neither should you.

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